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Her kiss.. by angelatmidnight13 Her kiss.. :iconangelatmidnight13:angelatmidnight13 1 0
You know, it really kills me to see
That you don't realize what they're doing to you and me
They won't accept responsibility
Nor grant you any needed liberty
They have to keep you in their cage
Put on their biggest performance and turn the house into a stage
Scare you into staying with fits of rage
And never once take into mind your actual age
They manipulate you to get their way
Send you to counseling to make you realize that you're not gay
I know you're really hoping to see the day
When your parents approve and won't try to make you stay
I don't want to hurt you, but I hold this belief:
You will never truly find this comfort or this relief
They will always think me their daughter's thief
Try to force you to return and on order, debrief
Drag you to seek help from the strict French priest
I believe you when you say it won't change your feelings for me in the very least
But it saddens me to see you dance for a beast
To relax those eyebrows that have creased
I miss you now and I will mis
:iconangelatmidnight13:angelatmidnight13 0 2
Not quite the AX ears she by angelatmidnight13 Not quite the AX ears she :iconangelatmidnight13:angelatmidnight13 1 2 Mi Angel... c': by angelatmidnight13 Mi Angel... c': :iconangelatmidnight13:angelatmidnight13 0 0 kimmi, kermi, +i. :'3 by angelatmidnight13 kimmi, kermi, +i. :'3 :iconangelatmidnight13:angelatmidnight13 1 2 to ashiekat c: by angelatmidnight13 to ashiekat c: :iconangelatmidnight13:angelatmidnight13 0 2 just me c: by angelatmidnight13 just me c: :iconangelatmidnight13:angelatmidnight13 0 4 Sir Inks-a-lot C: by angelatmidnight13 Sir Inks-a-lot C: :iconangelatmidnight13:angelatmidnight13 0 2
The Wait
The face that haunts my memories
The empty stare that inhabits my realities
Why won't it go away?
The truth, it's been screaming in my face
but here I'm caught in denial's embrace
The bad cannot be good
The Devil cannot be charmed with such sentimentalities
A river of whispers telling me to forget
An abused heart that won't give let
It cares, but why?
The Devil does not take such things seriously
Undelivered messages
Unwanting hands
"The truth isn't wanted here,"
The Devil, serenading in bliss
But the Devil wasn't always bad, you see
He wasn't good, but he wasn't bad either
I suppose he was almost...human
But evil comes in all forms
Our desires
Our weaknesses
And it manipulates us
Tempts us
Invites us
And wraps us around its finger
And so he fell, unaware that it had more than just that one
The outstretched hand
The unacknowledging glance
My patience has always been strong....
:iconangelatmidnight13:angelatmidnight13 0 4
strawberry shortcake+fuzzbutt by angelatmidnight13 strawberry shortcake+fuzzbutt :iconangelatmidnight13:angelatmidnight13 2 8
I've longed to read those words of the past, long since gone
A bittersweet memory, you know a pencil never forgets what it's traced
Tell me, have you?
Deleted from sight, not quite deleted from mind, what have you been thinking beside the obvious?
:iconangelatmidnight13:angelatmidnight13 0 0
Just Wait
You live your life lost in a bubble filled with shallow dreams and factory-oriented gifts,
but don't you know that every bubble pops?
That one day you'll awaken to see that, truly, you are alone
Your world will crumble and your skies will fall,
Embraces poisoned and hatred scrawled
In the end, my dear, your house will be a coffin and your chest torn and heart mauled
Enjoy the world you have created today because the next all you cards will tumble down
Water will invade your lungs until you finally drown
Today love is showered with hugs and sparkling knick knacks,
but tomorrow smiling faces will fade into a sea of endless backs
Do you enjoy this desolate place you have left yourself in?
You've so skillfully placed each one's trust at your fingertips and set each trap so carefully to disguise your lies
Little do you know your image has been shattered behind the pupils of my eyes
Hidden behind a ditzy charm, baby-toned voices, pastel colors, and teddy bears
Can you tell I can see the stri
:iconangelatmidnight13:angelatmidnight13 2 6
It's Over
Whatever was once inside has now finally left me
And a painstaking numbness has overcast my memories
All stable-grounded belief crumbled beneath my feet
And rather than see your face again, I'd prefer to take fleet
The butterflies inside have finally burned within the acid
And all joyous feelings toward you have turned anything less than placid
It's not that I hate you, oh, no, not that
But my affection has seemed to have left me, and I don't know how to get it back
Things have changed and they're going to take some time to get use to
And over time you've been moving farther and farther away, I miss you
But no matter what, I never seem to have had enough time to myself before I have to see you or them again
I don't know what I want anymore, but I do want a friend
However, what we are, I'm still not quite sure of
Acquaintance? Friend? Close friend? Living caffeine during your late-night essays?
Whatever I am to you, feel free to get back to me
Though truth be told, I won't know even the
:iconangelatmidnight13:angelatmidnight13 1 9
You Say
You say she'll never love you
You say she'll never forget
You say everything you ever did that night is your biggest regret
You say she'll never trust you
You say your betrayal was much too steep
You say what you did was too unfair to her
You say her love is much too deep
You say she'd never touch another
You say she's much too innocent
You say she's much too sweet
You say she wasn't lying when she denied kissing that boy that week
You say her heart is yours
You say you owe her your life to fix it
You say all the things you friends said against her were just lies and bullsh!@
You say you're not in denial
You say you know it's true
You say you know deep down in your scars, she's never cheated on you
You say she left him
You say she hasn't touched him since
Or him
Or him
Or him
Or him...or her
You say this love's forever
You say it's written in the stars
You say this as you're tearing away, razor to those scars
You say she's only left for a short time
You say she won't be gone for long
:iconangelatmidnight13:angelatmidnight13 1 1
Every Night....
Every night I've made the same wish
And every night you ask me what it is.
Every night I've never told you.
Except once...
Do you remember it my love?
It hasn't changed.
As cheesy as it sounds, I always wish we'd last forever...
You don't know how hard my heart pounded when you told me I didn't need to wish for that in order for it to happen <3.... :')
:iconangelatmidnight13:angelatmidnight13 3 4
Muah -'3'- by angelatmidnight13 Muah -'3'- :iconangelatmidnight13:angelatmidnight13 1 2



Ashiekat :')
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello world! :)

Well, I love art. I can't say that I have never not loved it & I got my skills from my dad :) I love weird people (as long as they're weird in the good way) and I take being called weird as a compliment :) I love all types of weather, esp. rain, and if there's thunder and lightning, all the better :D So far, I've had 9 dogs and 4 cats and countless goldfish in my entire life and out of those 9 dogs, only 3 were male o.o

Likes: (LOVES in this case :'DDD) my baby :iconshrimpfatty: :heart:, just about all music (:heart:), poetry, basically all kinds of art, sushi (just the cooked kind though :p), action, adventure, comedy, and some sci-fi and suspense movies, hanging out with friends, thinking (because I often over think things and so I feel I don't really have a choice on that one >.>...), double-jointed people (but those who aren't are just as cool too :)), Anime Expo (:heart: :'D), Saturn (that planet strangely attracts me for some reason o.0 I think it's the rings... they're so cute! owo...), Pegasus, just about all animals, MERMAIIIDS!!!!!!!!!! O.O & other mythical creatures (though i believe that they're real o.0..........somewhere.........), going on favoriting sprees :'D, and a whole bunch of other stuff lol
Oh, and I support KA$h :heart: :blush:

Dislikes: blood & gore (blechy xP), raw food >.>, hardcore screamo (though some of it's good), abortion (at all >.<!!!), porn/hentai/stuff like that, backstabbers and two-faced people (then again, who really does... o.0), rape, murder, etc. etc.

Oh! and I am one of the people who still associates Pluto as a planet since the scientists decided a long time ago that it's not fit enough to be one >.>... (just cuz it's tiny doesn't mean it's not just as important! STAND UP FOR THE LITTLE GUYS! :D) ---->is a little guy :P <-----


by :iconshrimpfatty: <3
je t'aime ma petite amie. <3
I love you, my petite Princess. <3
YOU ARE amazing, beautiful, unique, adorable, funny, sexy, poetic, artistic, caring, kind, an amazing lover, good to me, forgiving, helpful, the smile on my face, and the love of my life.
may this be a reminder to you that YOU are ALL these things and more. <3
Thank you for being such a good love to me. I'm the luckiest girl in the world.
love, your knight.:3 <3


Current Residence: wouldn't you like to know? *raises eyebrow*
Print preference: the artistc kind haha :)
Favourite genre of music: a little bit of everything (though not so much the hardcore/gory lyriced stuff)
Favourite photographer: those with a working camera and photos that don't creep me out
Favourite style of art: the interesting ones, cute ones, cool ones, and colorful ones. i like the fantastical ones too<3
Operating System: brain, mind, hands, fingers, body, heart....o.0......arms.....
MP3 player of choice: IPod&CD player when I don't have my IPod on me :P
Shell of choice: i'd actually prefer to break out of my shell than stay couped up in it
Wallpaper of choice: idk...1s tht I lke..o.0...cute 1s..intrsting 1s..1s of nice pntings,drwings,&doodles :D
Skin of choice: the one i'm in now ^.^
Favourite cartoon character: All of the characters from: Hibiki's Magic, Tokyo Mew Mew, Shugo Chara, Snow Millenium, ETC.
Personal Quote: Life. It's a continuously playing movie up until the film jams and the person dies....
  • Listening to: the wind
  • Watching: ink flow
  • Playing: life
  • Eating: Chinese
  • Drinking: water
Hey guys! :D
This is gonna be short&sweet. :3 My gf :iconshrimpfatty: and I're gonna be selling prints, keychains, and other goodies at AX this year. We were at AM2 this year too, so maybe you saw our stuff at one of the tables (C3 to be exact :) ). :iconshrimpfatty:'s got some of the stuff we've been selling up in her gallery, so if you're interested, feel free to check it out ^^ :heart: She's planning on making more things too. :D I'm going to post some of my stuff up here soon, so keep a look out. :3 I've got HOTD stuff, food/dessert chibi pride keychains, HOPEFULLY a Marceline print I've been working on for what feels like too long >.>;; ...and a Princess Bubblegum print I've yet to start, but reeeaaally want to get done, some My Little Pony chibi things for all those bronies and pony fans out there, borra, makorra, korrasami, legend of korra, and avatar: the last airbender prints and stuff, and other goodies~ :heart:


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